Dalupo Aluminium Profiles

Welcome to Dalupo!

Dalupo is all about aluminium. Dalupo supplies custom-made profiles that meet your requirements. We specialise in coated, anodised profiles and treatments.

For our products, we use reliable contacts in China, and we have our own employees on location for quality assurance.

Not every customer wants to do business with Chinese factories. This is why we also work with highly professional European factories. We select the best factory based on the customer’s wishes.

Because of the economies of scale we achieve as a result of joint procurement with our parent company, we can always offer you the best price!
As a result, it is not always necessary to order a full sea container.
The more labour intensive the product, the higher the benefit!

In addition to our business unit for customer specific profiles, we offer insect screen profiles from our stock. These are specially intended for manufacturers of insect screens! If you are a manufacturer of insect screens and would like more information on our insect screen products or would like to become our dealer, please click here to visit our insect screen profile website.


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