1. How is transportation organised?- Profiles manufactured in Europe will be transported by truck. This allows smaller orders to be manufactured and supplied with the same speed as large orders.
    – Profiles manufactured in China will be transported in sea containers. There is a choice between 20, 40 and 45 ft. sea containers. Because we frequently require shipments for our own materials, waiting time for transportation of orders is kept to a minimum.
    We will handle everything for you. We take care of customs formalities, incoterms, and the risk of loading doc.
  2. What is the maximum length for anodising/powder coating?
    The maximum length for both anodising and powder coating is 9 meters.
  3. I have a very small/light profile that needs to be anodised or powder coated at 6 meters. Is this possible?
    Yes, we can anodise as well as powder coat vertically·
  4. I would like to purchase profiles in China, but I do not have any space for storage.
    We can provide storage for shorter or longer periods.



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